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Special Announcements

Looking for an all-in-one course?

Blender Character Creator v2.0 is on sale and this is what you’ll learn:

  • Create a character from start to finish using Blender.
  • Block out the basic shape of your character using a standard box modelling approach.
  • Use the sculpt tools to shape the broad level details of your character.
  • Use the sculpt tools to add fine details to your character.
  • Texture paint your character to give it colour and details.
  • Rig (add bones) to your character so that it can be animated.
  • Animate your character.
  • Add your character into the Unity game engine if you choose to do so.
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We have a monthly competition for fun on the discord server. Join now to enter and to find out the selected category. Click the icon!

Competition results for March 2021

Check out this month’s break-down as I review the submitted artwork on the Discord channel and make honorable mentions.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

  • Congratulations to Hyeyeon on being this month’s 1st place winner!
  • Special thanks to MSI for sponsoring this month’s competition.
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