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Premium Courses

Blender Character Creator v2.0

Take your first steps to becoming a 3D character artist - learn everything from modelling to painting to animating the character. The course is the sequel to the highly popular Blender Character Creator course,

Blender Environment Artist v2

Want to make beautiful environments, suitable for animations, games or as a stunning portfolio piece?

Introduction to 3D Sculpting In Blender

The course is created at a "real time" pace, allowing you to follow along and create your dragon at the same time as the instructors without needing to stop and start the video.

Low Poly Characters

In this course, you’ll learn how to navigate Blender and the fundamentals of modelling quickly with a simple step by step approach. All while creating fun, stylised characters.

Complete Drawing Course: Create Video Game Concept Art

This course focusses on practicing the fundamental concepts in a fun creative way. We'll draw characters, environments, objects, weapons, spaceships, game scenes and lots more.

Low Poly Landscapes

Grant will take you through modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering your creation. You'll learn the Blender interface, along with the main modelling and texturing toolset. Great for beginners!