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Intermediate Tutorials

Node School: Materials

This course reviews controlling materials and textures using nodes.

UV Unwrapping in Blender

Learn what UV Unwrapping is in Blender and how to do it properly. Several parts so that you can get some practice.

Realistic Low Poly Game Assets - Rocks

This is an intermediate tutorial about how to create game assets using a simple sculpting work flow. You can use this technique to create realistic non complex game objects that are low poly and quick to make.

Beginners Guide To Blender Animation

These videos will get you started in learning how to do animations in Blender.

Build A Rocket

This course looks at hard surface modelling and using subdivision surface modifiers with bevels and proximity loops. (Link to Part 1 of 2-part series)

Low Poly Female Character

This is a multi-part series intermediate course covering how to create low poly characters like this female character.

Deadpool: Funko Pop Style

This intermediate multi-part course will teach you how to make your very own funko pop style character like Deadpool.