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Beginner Tutorials

Complete Beginners Guide To Blender

This is a beginner's free guide to learning Blender 2.8. Create this fun scene and learn the interface, how to add objects, lighting, build objects, create atmosphere, render images and movies and lots more.

Make A Sheep

A continuation of Blender basics, and this time we're modelling a sheep.

Low Poly Well

This is a beginner tutorial to further practice the basics with a low poly well like what you may see or use for game development.

Sea Shack

Make a beautiful low poly sea shack in Blender 2.8. This is a full course that goes all the way into animation and rendering.

Beginner's Tutorial: Ray Gun

Now it's time to revisit Hard Surface Modelling like we did with the chess piece but getting a bit tougher. You will work through building this ray gun.